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The GCAYP is a group of Young Professionals who are working to create a thriving community in and around the Grove City area through community service, networking, and professional development opportunities. Our group is focused on individuals ranging from 21 to 39 years old, that work or live in the Grove City area.

Sponsorship Opportunities

All Sponsorships are for a 12- month period.

There is limited availability for our sponsorship levels. Sponsorship is open first to businesses of current GCAYP members that are also Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce members. Any available sponsorships then will go to businesses of GCAYP members that are not GCACC members and lastly, any available sponsorships will be opened to GCACC member businesses that do NOT employ members of GCAYP. All publications and ads will be done in the Young Professionals publications, website, and social media pages, not the Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce.


Exclusive set up at 2 YP events 4 YP memberships and accompanying benefits

2 newsletter banner ads in Young Professionals newsletter

2 business spotlights in Young Professionals newsletter

Top listing in all digital media listed in alphabetical order

Window cling



Nonexclusive set up at at 1 YP event 2 YP memberships and accompanying benefits

1 newsletter banner ad and 1 business spotlight in the Young

Professionals newsletter

Secondary listing in all YP digital media, after Advocates, listed in alphabetical order

Window Cling



1 GCAYP membership

Listing in some digital media after Believer level sponsors, in alphabetical order

Social media shout outs on YP pages

Window Cling


Individual Membership

First access to all Young Professionals events

Listing in the digital directory for YP done alphabetically

Window cling

Volunteer t-shirt


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