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The story of De Massimo’s and our products is all about family.  Our sauces are “Old World” Italian recipes that were handed down over generations and can be traced back to 1683.  We are now honored to share them with you.  We hope the sauce of our family becomes the sauce of your family!

De Massimo’s Authentic sauces are all-natural, certified gluten-free, and contain no artificial ingredients or added sugar!

Recipes handed down through generations of De Massimo’s, made true to the purist ways of Abruzzo-Molise cooks, for food lovers seeking the real thing, to make a simple meal special and a special meal memorable when time doesn’t allow starting from scratch. Our sauces are gluten-free- no added sugar. Our extra virgin olive oil is from our family’s village in Italy.

Products Include: Extra virgin olive oil, pasta & pizza sauces

Find them at the market: May 14- September 10

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