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Grove City Chamber Foundation

Grove City Chamber Foundation

“Giving Strength to Tomorrow’s Business Leaders Through Education”

How we function

Founded in 2012, the Grove City Chamber Foundation is a public charity governed by a board of volunteer directors. Under its umbrella of funds, the Foundation awards scholarships to improve the quality of future business leaders in the Grove City Area. It also sponsors and supports programs and activities with a goal to enhance the skills of employees of existing businesses and the overall business community. Help us make a difference!

Who we are

The Grove City Chamber Foundation is a vehicle through which individuals, families, businesses and non-profit organization can easily make charitable donation to benefit our community.

Any person, business or organization can contribute money and other assets to the Grove City Chamber Foundation. Many individuals write foundation like this into their wills and estate plans.

Invest in your community’s future

  1. Make a charitable gift to support our community programs.
  2. Consider naming the Foundation in your estate plan. There are a variety of flexible and tax efficient ways we can help support education in the area. We are here to help and can work with you and your professional advisory.

2019 Grove City Chamber Foundation Board

Greg Dawkins- President

Frank Herman – Vice President

Marjorie Brant – Secretary

Jeff Guminey - Treasurer

Chris Gourley

Charlene McFarland

Berk Tuggle

Cindy Walker

Michele Wingard